Made right here in Montana, Winston has put out a couple sweet new MT rods for 2011 year. We have both in the shop if you want to cast one. True to the Winston name, these rods are silky smooth and the dry fly guys are going to love them.  I don’t know how they can make fast action rods with so much feeling but they have.  That being said, these rods have enough back bone to handle big nymphs and streamers as well. I threw a RIO gold with both of these rods and it felt perfect.


The BIIIx  has replaced the IIx and did a great job. The new IIIx is lighter and casts better through the length of the rod. If you own a BIIx and feel like there is just something missing well the IIIx has filled the void. Light in the butt section but crispy smooth though the tip without sacrificing the Winston feel.  Available with several different reel seats to suit you taste.


The new GVX is Winston’s new all graphite fast action fly rod.  Again, Winston somehow delivers a fast rod without compromising that Winston smoothness. This Rod is VERY accurate and has a forgiving tip for the dry fly guy. Coming in considerably less than the BIIIX but still made right here in Montana, the GVX is a great addition to the quiver.

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