Good times with guide Rod Stultz.

We’ve been having some great spring fishing – not much run off and lots of good dry fly fishing. Weather has been unreal too. We’ve been fishing here, there and everywhere in between. All has been good considering we should be in peak run-off right about now. Our rivers have all been stable and fishing well for the last few weeks. NOAA predicts we will get another small push of water and that appears to be the end of it. Unless we get a ton of rain, June is going to be a great.

Salmon flies will almost certainly get an early start on the Blackfoot this year. Twist up some of your favorite orange poodle patterns, it’s just around the corner. We’ve already had fish after the salmon flies…Where? Stop by the shop with a cold six pack and we can discuss it. Maybe.


Nice spring day on the river.


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