Blackfoot River Fly Fishing

Crystal clear riffles, deep emerald pools, moss covered canyon walls, rowdy rapids, huge boulder fields and trout filled pocket water combine to make this fly fishing float trip an unforgettable experience!

Blackfoot River Description

We guide nearly 60+ miles of the Blackfoot River, from it’s meandering meadows near Lincoln all the way to the town of Bonner just east of Missoula.  The Blackfoot River begins along the continental divide in the mountains outside Lincoln, and flows through scenic and diverse countryside for 130 miles before its confluence with the Clark Fork just east of Missoula. Famous from Norman Macleans “A River Runs Through It”, the Blackfoot is one of the most scenic rivers we float. Large rock formations, canyons, rapids, boulders, and lots of pocket water will keep things exciting as you bounce along this river corridor. The Big Blackfoot has crystal clear riffles and deep emerald pools that house, native Westlope Cutthroat, Native Bull, browns, rainbows, and cuttbows for your angling pleasure.

Blackfoot River Fly Fisihng

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing

The Blackfoot River generally wakes up a little later than other area rivers but streamer and nymph fishing can be productive here as early as the first week of March. Sometime in mid to late June the big golden and salmon stonefly hatches pick up and the dry fly fishing can be exceptional with huge foam flies. This time of year typifies high water which brings the largest fish in the river towards the banks where they are the most accessible all year. This river has rich bug life with hatches of various stoneflies, caddis, and mayflies that keep the surface action steady from June through mid October.  Much of our fishing is done with attractor dry flies but match the hatch opportunities can present themselves on any given day.  For those diligent to the streamer game, large minnow patterns can produce some real creatures.  Nymphing can be deadly in the deep emerald pools and incorporating a deep dropper off a foam attractor can be VERY productive if the dry fly bite is not fast and furious.

Blackfoot River Fish

The Big Blackfoot has native Westlope Cutthroat, native bull trout, browns, rainbows, and cuttbows for your angling pleasure. The Western Grand-slam is always a possibility with all four making it to the net quite often in a day. Fish size is generally 12-16″ but there are plenty of 17-19″ fish around and the occasional bigger. Though we do not target bull trout, incidental bulls of 30″+ can be seen when the streamer bite is on.

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Patterns & Hatch Guide

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing