Clark Fork dry fly double chromers

Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing Report

We have been enjoying an elongated indian summer here for the last few weeks with summer-like warm sunny days. October caddis and terrestrial fishing with ants, beetles, and hoppers has remained in the program on sunny days with mayflies slowly mixing in. Clouds and wet weather obviously make the mayfly fishing much better but there are enough bugs out, even on the sunny afternoons, to get the fish looking for mayfly patterns.  A double dry rig with an october caddis and a smallish mayfly cripple off the back is a great way to search in the afternoon.  A deep dropper in the AM will keep you into fish. Try a #12 tungsten thingamawhateverjiggythingy, worm, turd, or prince as the dropper off an october caddis or chubby. They still eat the chubby believe it or not…

It looks like some fishy/buggy weather is in the forecast…look for BWOs and Mahogany mayflies over the next week to get’m looking up.  Overnight lows are above the freezing mark so the dry fly window should be good for most of the day.  As the night time temps get colder the dry fly window will shrink into the afternoon hours and nymphing /dropper fishing will be necessary in the am. We still have a few weeks of good dry fly fishing on our freestone rivers before things cool down. Get out and enjoy the fall before old man winter sets in…

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