The fishing has been hanging in there. With the high sun and warmer temps we’ve expected the dog days of summer to start creeping in, but that hasn’t been the case. Sure, the fish aren’t easy right now but the water temps have remained cool and fish are still happy-ish. The hopper bite on the Lower Clark Fork, Spruce moths and terrestrial fishing on the Blackfoot, and little terrestrial dry fly fishing on the Flathead system have been providing good action as we head into August. Spruce moths should ramp up on the Blackfoot and forks of the Flathead over the next week and the hopper bite will continue through the summer into Sept when we start to see some hecuba drakes. Decent reports of hopper fishing on the Upper Swan as well with large pink and purple Morrish hoppers on the twitch getting some big chugs. Dangle a mini tung turd, tung jig prince, tung p-tail softy or something similar off the hopper and you’ll pick fish here and there that aren’t interested in the dry. For the most part we are fishing small hoppers and mini foam ant variations. A little tiny ant pattern off the back of the hopper is a good combo.

Fly Patterns

Morrish hoppers all colors #12/14
Thunder thighs hoppers Pink #12/14
Henneberry Hoppers Tan #12
More-or-less hoppers Purple, pink #12/14
Hoppers, hoppers, Hoppers Pink. Peach, Purple
Jakes no sink Ants #16/14
Jakes Rictor Scale Spruce Moth #16
BFA UV purple Sparkle Ants #16/18
Flag Sparkle Ants #18
Mini Chubs #16
Micro Walkers #16
Tung Jig Prince #14
CDC Tung Ptails #14
Mini Pats Rubber Legs #12/14
Micro SJW #12

On a side note, we are really happy with our newest beer find. Laguanitas Day Time IPA. 3 carbs and 98 calories will keep you on your toes for all your summer water activities. And it tastes way better than a Miller Lite. Just say’n.

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