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Summer has finally popped here in the Flathead Valley. We have our first heat streak of the year coming in HOT! Temps reaching upwards of 100+ are going to transition our fishing pretty quick. Can’t we just have some 80’s for a month? Afternoon dry fly fishing fishing has been where it’s at. That’s probably going to change with the Africa heat in the forecast. Look for the dry fly bite to move more to the morning hours and evening hours after several days of 90s. We’ve had a long cold spring so the summer heat is going to feel good for a change.

Flathead River Fly Fishing Report

The Flathead is flowing at its historical average for this time of year, which is alot of water. We are thankful the river is full and we have a bunch of cold water with fish eating dry flies. Late morning through the afternoon and evening has been productive with a variety of dry flies. PMDs and caddis are the mainstay but all sorts of mid sized attractor patterns are taking fish. The early dropper game  hasn’t been great. That might change with the heat but we’ve been rolling late and fishing dries with good success.

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Report

Flowing less than half of its average flow for this time of year. All the boulder gardens are exposed and the rowing is getting tough. You better have your A game on and know your route below Sperry rapid and Round-up rapid as the river continues to drop. You can dig fish out of the green trenches through the boulder fields with tung perdigons & tung jigs etc. The canyon is at late July flows. Lots on good knee deep dry fly water there. Shit loads of boats per usual but some home brewed foamies and small mayfly cripples will pluck fish amidst the goobers. Hoot owl restrictions are around the corner unfortunately. That’s just the cold hard truth. That will congest the Flathead drainage more so than it already is. Hopefully we’ll get another dose of rain and cooler weather to give us a another couple weeks or so but not likely. Fingers crossed.

Clark Fork River Fly Fishing Report

Like the Blackfoot, the Clark Fork is half of its normal flows for early July. It’s fishing great for now. A foam golden or chubby variation with a dropper in the am and a small golden with a parachute mayfly in the afternoon. The heat is unfortunately going to beat it down quick. Dawn patrol is in the near future and hoot owl will follow shortly. For now, go enjoy fish smashing big foam flies… Keep your fingers crossed for cool weather and moisture. When the heat settles we will shift to dawn patrol and get off the water early. Keep an eye on the temps and FWP news for hoot owl closures.

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