Fall fishing is here. Fish have keyed into the mayflies. Mohoganies, bluewings, hecubas and october caddis are all getting attention. An october caddis or hecuba lead fly with your favorite smallish parachute or cripple off the back is a good combo. On warm days fish will still eat the terrestrial stuff too so don’t rule out hoppers and ants just yet. The weather was a bit chilly and wet this last week and our rivers made a fast hard transition into fall mode with dropping temps. Conditions have since stabilized and the weather this week looks to be REALLY nice with highs approaching 70 and clear skies. It’s going to be gorgeous out there with crisp mornings and late afternoon fall light shining on the snow capped hills. This should be a great week to get out on all our rivers and enjoy some of our last warm summer like days.

Mornings have been chilly. Unless you want to chuck streamers or dropper fish we recommend you sleep late man, it’s must easier on your constitution…or go early and pound them on droppers then make the switch when the bugs pop.

Fall Dry Fly Patterns:
– DOA cripple
– Harrops Cripple
– Orange PMX
– Orange Elk Hair Caddis #8
-Purple Rocky MTN Mint
– Purple Haze
– Moose Tait Parachute
– Pheasant Tail Parachute
– Pheasant tail cripple
– Quigly cripple
– Brindel Chute
– Lanier’s super secret UV brown para cripple(they work great on Nunya Creek)

Fall Nymphs:
-Tung P-tail Soft hackle jig
– Tung Hairs Ear soft hackle jig
– Purple tung salvation
– Orange Pats Rubber legs
– October Caddis Poooopa
– The Blasphemous worm

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