We have had a great June. Lower than average water conditions kicked the season off way early this year. Lots of bugs and rising fish the past few weeks and pretty solid fishing for the most part if you have been able to dodge the weather. We are looking at a really nice forecast with highs in the upper 70’s for the up coming week. Very pleasant. Glad we haven’t had the scorching heat in June like we had the last few years. It will certainly help keep the fish happy and the water cool as we go into July. Clark Fork, Blackfoot, Swan, & Flathead are good options right now.

Still some PMDs and Caddis on the Flathead. Dry fly fishing is good late in the day but you can still catch them early in the day with attractors/droppers and smaller mayfly patterns if you want to be home for cocktail hour. Last light is a great time to be out as all the guide traffic is gone and a few nicer fish creep out once the shadows start to hit the water. This goes for all the rivers.  Most of the guide boats are off early so beat the traffic and go late.

Blackfoot has been fishing well also. Super boaty but super buggy. Still salmon flies around and just about every other bug you can think of. Caddis, green drakes, sallies, goldens… A big cripple, parachute, or mid sized golden is a good choice. Or twitch the big bug and you should still get some to eat it. It’s dropping fast so let’s hope for some more moisture and cool temps in July.

The Clark Fork has been the place to be. Lots of caddis, PMDs, PEDs, and green drakes have fish up most of the afternoon and evening. Clouds of course are a bonus. Despite all the mayflies the mid sized foam fly has atill been getting more attention. Especially blind fished but even at the risers.

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