Old Steel Bridge Access

Flathead River Fly Fishing Report

The river looks great. No flow-ice and low flows = plenty of defined holding water. Unfortunately you’ll have to go by foot. Due to all the recent snow(3 feet), all the river access points are a no go if you are trying to get a drift boat or any trailer near the river (you could drag a pontoon in). I spoke with the local FWP access manager and there are no further plans to remove snow from any of the Flathead River access sites. According to FWP the Teakeattle access has a 5ft wall accross the entrance. They thought the county might get to it eventually, but without access down stream, what’s the point? As you can see from the picture above, Old Steel is a no go. Supposedly you can get down to Presentine Bar but driving out across the rocks in 2 feet of snow to launch is probably not a good idea, unless you have a tractor with you. The east side at Old Steel looks like it might be do-able but there are deep ruts so you might want to bring chains…and with no way to launch at Presentine Bar, it’s a moot point. So there you have it, no access for us floaters. Happy wade fishing in the 3 foot snow drifts…we’ll let you know when we here of something opening up for trailer access.

Jason Lanier
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