Fly Fishing Bigfork Montana

A nice rainbow for Jr.

The fly fishing on the Flathead river has been good…depending on how you hold your mouth. Casts that land 2 feet from the oar blade are starting to get eat’n less, and mending is becoming more important… In other words it isn’t super easy anymore. Smaller dry fly terrestrial patterns are getting attention but are hard to keep on the surface after 7 mends. The fish have seen it all at this point and are reluctant to eat big foam stuff….but they still will if you are first boat through. Go early or late and the fishing has been good.  A 20 ft cast, a mend, and a hook set are the key. Our young customer Ben figured it out…but not everyone can.

Fly Fishing the Flahead River Near Glacier National Park

Doubles are fun…Another nice Flathead bow.

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