Spring is in the air. We will likely get another dose or 2 of winter before it’s over(hopefully) but the warm spring-like weather feels nice. The fish think so too. They have been cooperating fairly well lately. Fishing has been decent. We aren’t catching numbers but we’ve been catching a few nice fish. Nymphing fairly deep with worms, beadheads, and stonefly nymphs has been the method. You might have to switch up your depths here and there in different runs but for the most part deep and slow is the ticket. Inside slow bends, and slow back eddies are the spots to look. Slow stripping or swinging a streamer with a sink tip along the bottom in the deep slow runs is also a good bet. Standard crystal cone buggers, sparkle minnows, Sheila’s etc… Warmers days can provide some dry fly fishing in the afternoon so keep your eyes open for midges and little winter stones on warm afternoons. Little p-chute adams work just fine if you do encounter fish on the surface.


pink scud
pink jiggy
SJ Worm
Tung Stone
Pink soft spot Jig
Double bead stone
Tung 20 incher

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