Despite the heat this past week the fish are still looking up.  90ish pretty much for the near future is the forecast. Hopefully the fishing will hang in there. The fish would appreciate some cooler weather…although I don’t think the Flathead Lake volley ball club minds.  It’s busy everywhere right now and the ramps can get congested.  Be mindful of boat ramp etiquette. Pay attention to your surroundings and look to see who’s on deck before you drive up and throw a yard sale in the ramp. Rig your rods and load your boat in a parking stall NOT in the ramp. Common sense people…

Still some PMDs left on the Flathead and some risers to target in the afternoon. A small foam attractor with mid sized bead head in the am is a good bet if you can’t stay busy with a single dry. Clip the bead head and throw on a little mayfly in the afternoon.

Still some salmon flies and goldens on the Blackfoot but the PMD and sallies are plentiful in the afternoon. A golden or salmon fly with a haze or cripple off the back should be all you need. Jiggy nymphs, little turds, and a variety of attractor nymphs will catch fish under a foam fly too.  It’s getting hot so you might consider going early and getting off in the heat of the day. Or go for a swim. The water is quite nice.

Clark Fork River fished ok today. First light till 11ish is best but it’s still fishing decent in the afternoon. The water is getting warm. Near 70 degrees. Too warm for the little trouts. Play them quick and keep them wet. Also a good idea to get off early before the hottest part of the day. A small foam fly with a dropper or just a small foam fly. Golden, royal, purple, red….it really doesn’t matter.

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