The weather has been HOT and the hoppers are out. So are the inner-tubers, paddle boarders, unicorn floaties, air mats, and every other floatation device you can imagine. If you go early you can mostly avoid them on a half day. On a full day you’ll likely get caught in the mix. We are recommending early half days at this point with the weather hovering around 90ish in the afternoons. The guides are getting tired and aren’t super excited about full days when the forecast is calling for 90 degrees.

The hoppers are out and some fish are willing to eat them. A few clouds the other day reminded us how much we miss them. The fish responded well with good hopper-tunities under the cloud cover. Some cool weather and a little moisture would be nice right about now. Soon it will be September and we will miss swimming in the lake so we can’t complain too much.

Hoppers and ants are the deal at the moment wherever you go. Little black foam fly variations are also good. We have some great terrestrials in the shop. Henneberry hopper, morrish hoppers, more-or-less hoppers, thunder thighs, and more. Also, some custom UV ants and McMacs sparkle foamie. All good patterns for August. It’s also time for spruce moths on the Forks and the Blackfoot. Jakes Rictor Spruce is the best. We recently re-uped our hats and T-shirts too.  See you soon.

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