The fishing and the weather have been good. Despite some smoke in the air the weather has been really nice. We’ve had some moisture and cool temps and the fishing has really ticked up a notch. The smoke hasn’t been all that bad and has been coming and going with wind direction. More cool weather and moisture coming this week should knock the smoke down some more.

Kids are heading back to school soon if they haven’t started already. Crowds are thinning. A few hecuba mayflies(fall green drake) have been spotted and the dry fly fishing has picked up. The cooler weather and cloud cover brought a resurgence of pmds as well. Fall fishing is around the corner and this week’s weather will kick it into gear. A high of 59 on Monday. Wow! You can feel summer fading and fall creeping in. You might think about throwing some muck boots or waders in the truck if you’re headed out in the next few days -the water has been a bit nippy on the feet in the am launching boat.

Summer will likely return at some point in the next month so don’t put the flops away yet. Terrestrial fishing will continue for a while, especially when it warms back up. Ants, beetles, and hoppers are still good choices but an over-sized parachute mayfly or cripple will hunt now that a few hecubas have been seent.

You can pretty much go anywhere and put together a decent day of fishing right now. Blackfoot, Clark Fork, Flathead, Swan….Fewer peeps around, cooler water temps, and some fall bugs starting. Fall fishing feels like it’s here early this year.

Jason Lanier
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