The hecuba is starting to hunt. A good sign the dog days of summer are behind us. Crowds have thinned a bit. Hunters are making plans and heading off to camp. You can feel things winding down a bit. Always a good feeling after the tourism mayhem of July and August. We are heading into the fall season. Fall drakes(hecuba mayfly), mahogany duns, October caddis, and BWOs are heading our way in the coming weeks. Hoppers, ants, beetles, and terrestrial variations will continue to produce on warm fall days. Fishing is as good as you are right now. Warm summer weather is in the forecast for the near future. Bigfork Anglers Koozies are back in stock along with some new hats. The new G-Loomis NRX+ LP is in stock as well. She is pretty. Come by and have a look, grab a few hoppers, pick up a beer sleeve and a sticker pack. See you soon.

Jason Lanier
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