Winter Pink

If you are fishing the rivers in the winter your fly selection should have something pink to offer in several sizes.  There are plenty of pink flies on the market that do the trick but they are SOOOO easy to tie that why would you buy. Here is an example of a great pink fly that works well in all sizes. It’s tied on a stout hook with a pink tung bead so it sinks great and the hook won’t bend. Get some pink stuff, tie it on a hook and make some variations of your own. They work!


Hook: Dai Riki 135 scud hook
Thread: Fl. Hot Pink Flat-waxed
Bead: Pink MFC Lucent Tungsten
Rib: Fl. Pink V-rib sized to fly
Tail: Fl. Pink Darlon
Dub: Hareline Fl. Pink UV Ice


Jason Lanier
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