This Dodger Stern Seat Mount is designed to put your angler in the best balanced position in these boats. Works on a variety of rafts. Give us a call for sizing info.

  • Moving the seat bar forward of the narrowed diminishing tube stern panel distributes the weight of even the heaviest angler more evenly in the boat.
  • The 4″ rise on the seat bar puts the rear angler at the optimum height for casting, with clear sight lines, while remaining stable.
  • 28″ long Stern Side Rails connect the Seat Bar to your center frame.
  • Add the Long Mast Anchor System to complete this perfect fishing platform.
  • Fishing guides asked for this innovation, and we built it!
  • Note: This Stern Seat Mount is specific to the NRS Dodger only. If you’re interested in a similar one for a different boat, please give us a call (406) 837-3675 for sizing.
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