Hopefully you had a chance to get out on the river this past week. The dry fly fishing has been fantastic. March browns, skwalas, and small stones are caking the the surface in the afternoons with tons of fish up. However, looking at the graph this morning would suggest the river is going to be out of shape for a while. It’s coming straight up. Our snow pack is below average. Barring any unusual monsoonal rain events we will likely be back in shape a little early this year. We shall see…

Still-water fishing will be the focus for now. The small lakes are open and fishing well. Balanced leeches, chironimids, calibeatis mayflies, scuds etc. You can throw them under the bobber or give them a slow troll on an intermediate or type 3 sinking line. Vary your depth and patterns until you crack the code. Warmer weather will likely kick off the calibeatis and carpenter ants so the dry fly fishing will likely ramp up.

Bass and pike options should start to improve with the warmer weather. We have loads of new bass and pike flies in the shop so stop in and grab a wire leader and a few dead chickens and bunnies.

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