Runoff is in full swing in case you haven’t noticed the chocolate express formally known as the Flathead River. It’s gonna be a big one this year. We have lots of snow that needs to come out of the hills before she settles out. The Blackfoot and Clark Fork will come in earlier but even those are going to be out for a while. The Missouri will continue to be the best/only legitimate fishing option other than lakes for the near future. So get out your chronamids and leaches or head over the pass to the Mo. Hopefully the caddis will get some more regular dry fly fishing happening. Otherwise the nymphing has been plenty good. Same old players will work. Tail water sows, pill poppers, green machines, P-tail variations, worms, caddis pupa…All good choices for the nymph game. You can also role a #14 purple haze and get a few.

Pike and bass fishing is also a fun spring activity to help with the blown-out blues. We have tons of poppers, pike flies, pike leaders, and bass flies to get you into some fish. Stop by the shop so we can point you in the right direction and get you squared away with the right flies. We might even show a spot or two on the map…

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