The rivers are all headed straight up up and away… Don’t fret though, we’ll get another window real soon. This coming weeks forecast is for lows in the mid 20s and highs in the low 50s so the high country is going to seize up again and the rivers will drop back quick. Possibly by mid week but likely by the end of the week. For now you can go hunt some pike or find one of the many lakes near by and strip some leeches for some hungry ice-off trout. Or just get some spring chores done because it’s suppose to howl for the next few days. We fished the Flathead River yesterday on the rising tide and had great dry fly fishing the entire day. Skwalas and March Browns have been out and will continue for the next couple weeks. When the river drops and clears a bit the dry fly bite should be worthy. Fingers crossed.

Our snow-pack is pretty mediocre. As a result, our run-off will likely be shorter and less intense. Low snow years provide opportunities during run-off to hit the freestones as the rivers will drop into shape with cooler weather trends. It’s not reliable but it can be some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. There are rare days in mid may when the Flathead, Clark Fork, and Blackfoot are in shape and the dry fly fishing is a spectacle worth experiencing. Keep in touch and we’ll give you the heads up when things are lining up.

The shop is starting to fill up. We have NRS Otter Dodgers and Slipstream 142 rafts in stock. Sawyer and Cataract oars too. If you need a raft frame or accessory we’ve got those as well. Rod holders, dry boxes, anchor systems, pumps, oar blades…. give us call if you want us to put a boat together for you. We’ve been tinkering with raft frames for 20+ years.

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