Heavy rain has the rivers up again.  They are already back on the drop so hopefully it will be go time soon. The Missouri continues to fish well with great hatches of pmd mayflies and caddis. Lots of rising fish to shoot at most of the day so it’s the best option for now. Salmon flies on the Blackfoot are gonna pop anyday and the Flathead was at fish-able flows before this rain event. As soon as this rain settles out we should have some great options. We have yet to get a real major summer heat wave though, and we are still wondering what all that upper level snow is going to do…Hopefully the cool weather will continue and we’ll trickle into summer.

There are lots of lakers cruising in Bigfork Bay and just about anything white and flashy has been working well. Go bonk a few and do the cutties a favor. Pike and bass fishing is also a good way to scratch the itch while the big rivers are look’n like Yoohoo. We have some great bass jigs, poppers, pike streamers and wire leaders to get you going.

Father’s Day is approaching fast so don’t forget good old Dad. We have gift certificates that are sure to please.




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