Summer is in full swing. Cool mornings and hot afternoons are the norm. Fishing is pretty OK still. It’s getting hot in the afternoons so mornings can be more pleasant. The lower Clark Fork is already warming up and getting sluggish in the afternoons but the morning has been well worth it. Blackfoot is still fishing decent as well. It’s day to day depending on the crowds. Lots of little fish with some nice ones in the mix on a variety of dry flies. A dropper in the frenchie, PT, prince, perdigon, or small tung Pat’s variety will work on all our rivers when the fish aren’t looking up or if the fly isn’t getting far enough away from the oars. Still a bunch of water in the rivers so that bodes well for August. The aquatic insect activity is waning with the hot afternoons, terrestrials are starting to show. Deer flies, hornets, and horse flies are starting to buzz the boat… my favorite. Small black attractor patterns off your foamie aren’t a bad idea. Hoppers, ants and beetles will be significant soon.


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