Guide Doug Schwartz and angler Malcom with a great early morning foam eater.

Fishing has been pretty good. The weather has been hot but not Africa hot. The fishing hasn’t turned to the dog days as it can in late July. We had a little break from the 90 temps with low 80’s and even a few days in the upper 70’s. It’s been quite nice. We also have good water this year so that has helped maintain decent fishing through the hot weather. It looks like it’s going to get hot again so hopefully the fishing will continue to be productive. Early morning is always a good bet to avoid the traffic and beat the heat.

Terrestrial fishing is kicking in. Spruce moths, hoppers, ants, beetles are all getting attention. Still a few pmds in the am with some wispy spinners too. Nocturnal goldens will get attention for the dawn patroller who throws the big bug. A few new bugs trickling into the shop.  Stop by and check the bin before the guides clean them out…

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