Fly Fishing Bigfork Montana

Druncle Brent high stick’n a deep hole on the Lower.

Just a little bit of spring, just for a minute, just to see how it feels… Not quite warm enough to role with only 2 layers. Good thing, with all the snow in the hills the rivers will puke as soon as it’s get’s warm. Everything is creeping up right now and might poop with some rain or warmer temps. The Lower C-Fork has come up the last few days and is probably not much of an option. Bummer, they were just starting to look for the skwala. Keep an eye on it, it’s ready and should fish well once it clears and drops a bit.

The Flathead is hanging in there and should fish for ya this week. The highish flows make the fish a little more challenging to find but they’re willing to eat when you do. Now that they’ve had some time to acclimate to the higher flows there’s a  good chance we’ll see some dry fly fishing if flows stay in check.

If you want to throw foamies the Root will be your best bet. The skwala hatch is picking up now and fish are looking up more consistently. Afternoon is the best time but mornings are providing good dropper fishing.

Fly Fishing Bigfork MT

Brent admiring a fine specimen.

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