Bigfork Bay continues to produce and is a great moving water option during run-off. Most of the fish we have been catching are on stonefly nymphs and SJ worms but there are other patterns / methods that can be affective. We fished the condo hole from a boat today and made several passes with the stone / worm combo to no avail.  Brent decided to throw a rainbow Czech off his stone and was rewarded with a couple great fish. The Bigfork Bay fish are migrating in and out from the lake and are used to  mysis shrimp, so a scud pattern is a good choice. We also ran into Ryan Friel of Spotted Bear Ranch and he was having some success with mayfly emergers in the shallow riffled water. Some fish can also be caught in the slower deeper water with buggers on the slow retrieve. There were a few sporadic risers but nothing came to the dry. We have had some success in  the past on big dry flies but it’s inconsistent.

A nice bow from today caught on a Scud.

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