The last week has been really nice. We had some moisture and cool weather that really helped water temps and kept the fish in a friendly mood. It’s actually been a bit chilly in the mornings, enough to put a hoodie on a few times anyway. You just never know how the MT weather will play out in Aug. We are certainly happy and thankful for any cool weather/moisture in August.

The forecast is calling for 90+ heat again this week. This is exactly the weather you want if you have a Yeti 110 iced down with Silver Bullets heading out on Flathead Lake in the pontoon. 95 isn’t so comfy sitting in a drift boat in the afternoon though. Short days and early starts are the answer if you’re looking for a full day. If you are heading south to the Clark Fork pay attention to the water temps as they were reaching well over 70 before our cool down. Temps on the Flathead have been nice and cool so bankers ours are still just fine. Actually, the fishing has been starting a bit slow in the morning and picking up late morning/early afternoon when the fish start to look for the hopper. That should change with the heat wave they are calling for this week- fish should be looking for the hopper right out of the gate in the morning this week.

Fishing has been good this last week for the most part. We’ve had productive fishing with hoppers and ants on all the area rivers in the cool cloudy weather. Hopper droppers in the morning and then clip the dropper and add an ant late morning or when they start eating the hopper. We have tons of hoppers in the shop -pink, peach, purple, yellow, tan & black all having their moments. UV sparkle ants, RP ants, micro stubby chubbies, and small black whatevers are a good choice for a trailer off the hopper. Same old jiggy jig p-tail/prince/perdigon/hairears/mini jig pats etc…are all good for the dropper if you must, and sometimes you must. We will likely start to see the Hecuba(fall drake) soon, a sure indicator the dog days of summer are behind us (although we haven’t had many).

The summer days are waning. Our days of flip flops and swim trunks are limited. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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