It’s been a weird fall so far. Not many cold mornings and not much moisture.  Warm and smokey has been the deal for a while. Fish like the smoke as it blocks the sun so fishing has been pretty darn good south of town(Blackfoot & Clark Fork). The weather guessers are calling for some cooler temps and moisture so maybe we’ll see a shift in bug activity with a push of fall mayflies (mohaganies) and some big fall caddis. Hopefully we can get a break from this horrendous smoke too. Yuck! Looks like next week it may clear out. Fingers crossed… The Clark Fork and Blackfoot have been fishing well with hopper dropper rigs producing in the mornings and hopper mayfly rigs in the afternoon. You can roll a #14 parachute mayfly pretty much all afternoon and catch fish. All the standard droppers are working fine. Hair jigs, prince jigs, micro tung turds etc… Stop in and the shop dudes can set you straight.

The Flathead has been a bit off so far this fall. Normally we are seeing decent mayfly fishing and some better fish around this time of year but it hasn’t been great. Hopefully that will change. We are still getting a few “catchable” fish but mostly dinks, and even they are tough to catch.

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