Subzero and these CRAZY dudes want to go fishing….

The last two days were the coldest guide trips I’ve ever taken. 9 degrees with -3 windchill. Wooohoo! Sounds pretty crazy huh? Yes, crazy is the word I used to describe these two fish freaks. I tried to talk them out of it but they insisted….

So off we went in the arctic breeze with hopes of returning with all our digits. Thanks to Sara at the Headhunters for her assistance in this department with the Kast waterproof Steelhead Gloves.  Lucky for us the fish kept us warm. The nymphing was superb and there were some fish up eating midges in a few spots. Great fishing!

Today was a gear day. The kinda day you finally actually need the thousands of dollars worth of Simms and Patagonia stuff you own to stay alive. Two key items for frigid weather fishing are the Simms Extreme Pant and the Patagonia Ultralight Hoody. Check’m out and don’t be scared to go. Winter is here but there is plenty of fishing opportunity.


Bob Ojeda, Pitcher of the 86 World Series Mets love’n the Misssouri.

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