We’ve had some much needed rain and cool weather this past week. Most of the rain fell south of the valley but the The Blackfoot and Clark Fork drainages benefited greatly with much cooler water temps. The cool water temps will likely be short lived on the Clark Fork as another dose of hot weather is on it’s way – glad we got to sneak in a few days while the water temps were ethical.  Remember, the Clark Fork is on Hoot owl and closed at 2pm.  Also, the tributary mouths are all closed as well. We’ve seen a few clowns down there fishing closed waters recently so just a reminder. The Blackfoot has avoided hoot howl restriction this year, and after recent rains, will likely make it the rest of the season. Both drainages are fishing well.  Hopper dropper rigs, ants, beetles and a variety of foam variations will catch fish. Perdigons, PRLs, and smallish tung jiggy nymphs will also catch fish under a chubby or winged hopper.

The Flathead River has been maintaining cool water temps  (usually well below the hoot owl trigger) the entire summer. The fishing hasn’t been great the past couple weeks but we’ve had some decent days. Angler ability plays a role this time of year for sure.  Terrestrials are the food source. Deep droppers in faster runs are also producing. Same patterns mentioned above.

The days are getting shorter – fall is around the corner. October caddis and hecuba mayflies will start to show very soon. The fish will usually eat them before they show in noticeable numbers so give them a go. We are over the hump of the summer dog days, the angle of the sun changing, puffy coats and muck boots are in the near future. Go for a swim and enjoy the last bit of summer before she gone.

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