All our rivers are fishing well. It’s been hot but not terrible and we’ve had some cool weather in the mix. So far we have avoided the smoke and the river closures. The big snow we had this past winter has the rivers flowing nice and the water temps have been acceptable. This week is supposed to be really hot so early starts will be the way to go. Sweltering in the afternoon sun in a drift boat is no bueno unless you plan on bringing a cooler full of lite beers and swimming often. Early morning half days or short full days are what we recommend once it gets in the 90’s.  There are a few new fires sprouting up around the state but so far the smoke hasn’t been bad around the valley. Fingers crossed for some moisture and cooler weather because we all hate the smoke…

Terrestrail season is here. Hopper dropper rigs are working well. If you get lots of hopper eats then clip the dropper and ad something small and black like a uv ant, fathead beetle, true wasp, ant acid, rp ant, or the like. We have them all in the shop if you need to re-up your terrestrial stash. We also have a shit pile of hoppers… Droppers include micro tung worms, tung jig prince/tung jig P-tails, little turds, and any other size 14 tung-bead attractor nymph you have. And they still eat the damn chubby too.

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