The lower Swan is giving up a few nice fish. Caught a couple good ones with the 3 year old today. They were in a little less obvious water than they have been (faster and shallower). Landen has been working on his hold……and stick gathering and rock throwing.

We were out testing the new SA VPT line they sent us to sample. The VPT line has a great taper for nymphing. It turns over big nymph rigs with ease and mends well at long distances. Using our Thingamabobber nymph rig were able to fine tune the depth fished quickly to detect strikes. We were fishing a 10ft 5wt Echo 3 with fighting butt. Great nymph rod! A 10ft fast action nymph stick is a great addition to your fly rod quiver. Here are a few others we like.

TFO 10ft 5wt BVK

Scott 10ft 6wt A4

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