Bigfork Montana Brew Fest

It’s that time of year again. Come on down to the Bigfork Brew fest. It’s in the Bigfork Anglers parking lot. Always a good time. Well, except that one time it was 2 degrees, that time wasn’t that fun…Visit the Bigfork Brew Fest website for more info and a list of all the brewery’s that will be present.

Bus Schedule

BUS #1
2:00 Great Northern Brewery Whitefish
2:20-2:30 Lowes parking lot
2:30-2:45 Red Lion @ Kalispell Center Mall
2:45-3:00 The White Oak Cmart.
7:00 Bus loads for return home

BUS #2
2:00 in the Super 1 parking lot in Columbia Falls
2:30 Silver Bullet
2:45 Woody’s
3:00 Many Lakes
7:00 Bus loads for return home



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