Flathead River Fly Fishing Kids

No help from dad.

I took the kids out for a couple hours this evening on the Flathead River and had good action in the one spot we fished. My oldest is now able to cast, set the hook, and crank’m in, all on his own. It’s a pretty good feeling to know I’m going to have a legit fly fishing partner pretty soon. My youngest isn’t far behind. I think it’s important in today’s digital age, with kids glued to their electronic devices, to get them outside and experiencing the outdoors so they don’t become computer zombies.

If you are trying to get your youngster into fly fishing, I highly recommend the Echo Gecko kids rod. These rods are specifically designed to meet the needs of kids; smaller grips with elongated fighting butt to help them while fighting fish and shorter over all length for lighter swing weight and easier casting. They are a nice medium flex so a 14 incher really bends the rod nice. Super fun! You might even find yourself wanting to take it fishing on your favorite little creek.

The rivers have leveled off and started to drop after the last little push of water we just received. It looks like we might get some more good fishing in on our western freestones before run-off. It doesn’t look like much rain is in the forecast and night time temps are in the 30’s for the next few days, so the downward trend should continue. The Flathead has been fishing pretty good, even with rising flows, and has maintained surprisingly good visibility. The next several days are looking promising. Take a kid fishing…

Flathead River Fly Fishing

Little dude get’n bent on a Flathead River Cutthroat.


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