Clark Fork River Fly Fishing BooBoo

Bobby with a nice Clark Fork Cutbow.

Bigfork, Montana Fall Fishing

It’s hard to complain about 70 degrees, sunshine and no wind…a little fall-like weather would be nice though. We are catching plenty of fish out there, but the dry fly fishing would certainly be better if we could get some cloud cover and moisture. There are some mahogany duns and fall caddis flying around, but not lots of fish up on them. Stroking the sweet spots with an October caddis & mayfly cripple combo out in front of the boat with a reach cast is going to catch fish. A 20 ft cast out the side of the boat with a sloppy mend is going to require a dropper. It’s hard for the guy in the front of the boat to keep his focus with the dry fly when his buddy is roping them on the dropper in the back of the boat…so there’s that.

The clouds will make everything easier / better, usually. And the weather is headed in that direction…

The horrible construction mess in downtown Bigfork continues to block off access to our shop so our hours have been spotty. Give us a call before you stop by just to make sure someone is there. It’s not supposed to be complete until Oct 20th. Yay!






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