Hopper time!

Good fishing continues to be the word. The recent cool weather has made for some great dry fly days and has kept water temps in check for all day catching.  The heat wave that’s headed our way might throw a wrench in the gears but so far the fish haven’t been shy on the warm sunny days.  August is almost here and we still have lots of water…should be a great hopper season!

Flathead River Fly Fishing Report the Flathead has been fishing great. The last couple days haven’t been quite as good with the drastic weather change but it should be back on track with the warming weather. You can role a small foamie and a cripple/parachute pmd/purple haze off the back and that’s all you need. If you’re having trouble getting the fly more than 5 feet from the oar then throw on a dropper and karate chop it out there. HIYA!

Blackfoot River Report – We haven’t been on it. No need when the Clark Fork is fishing so good. We have had a few mixed reports the last few days so I guess it depends on the day and the stretch and the traffic and…..Smaller realistc hoppers and attractors are always a good bet. Larger purple haze or royal wulffs are just fine too. Droppers if you must but the worm and turd have been off so try some smaller flashy tung bead stuff. Try the middle of the river too.

Lower Clark Fork River Report – The Clark Fork has been AWESOME! Cool weather and a little more water this year has this river fishing superb. Mid sized foamies have been great and maybe a dropper (prince or turd) later in the day when it’s hot.  The hot weather in the forecast will likely slow the afternoon dry fly bite but if you get on it early you’ll get plenty of hopper/foam eats. Throw on a deep dropper in the afternoon and that should keep you busy enough.

Swan River Report – Pretty good dry fly fishing up there right now with attractor foam stuff. Late night has been giving up some bigens…Water levels are great for the dry fly so why wouldn’t ya? If it’s not fast and furious then throw on a deep dropper, or just stick with it and you’ll usually get a few.


Zach “Coon Dog” with a “Home Waters” hopper eater.

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