Flathead River Fly Fishing

John found a nice cutty while fishing with guide Adam Pate.

The fishing has been hit and miss just about everywhere. The fish have seen lots of flies by now and are getting tired of the old hook in the face routine. A good drift will certainly help you catch more fish…cool weather in the forecast will also help.

The Flathead has been inconsistent as of late.  Finding a fish out there without par marks is a challenge.  Ants, beetles, & small hoppers have been the patterns of choice but a dropper can help save the day and pad the stats if the dry flies are not doing it for you.

Spruce moths are out on the Blackfoot and some good windows of dry fly fishing have appeared. It hasn’t been everyday and all of Missoula already read about it on Instafacechat. The fishing has been great one day and next day it’s tumble weeds. There’s still some good fish to be had on dry flies but it’s not easy to find the nice ones unless the spruce moths are really going. You could always dredge the deep holes with nymphs but it’s a bit embarrassing if your friends catch you…

The Clark Fork has been great in the cloudy cooler weather the last week or so but a crap shoot when the sun is out. Go early and twitch a hopper to get a few before the sun hits the water. The water temps are starting to get really warm but the forecast is calling for another shot of cool weather so…


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