Guide Rod Stultz with a happy first time fly fisher gal.

At this point in the season it’s safe to say we dodged a bullet. While we are still under hoot owl restrictions on many rivers, the water temps and weather have been great for most of the summer. No smoke and beautiful weather as of late. It looks like a hot spell is in the forecast so get out there early and go for a swim in the lake in the afternoon…

Flathead River Fly Fishing Report

We are seeing some nice fish come to the fly out there. It’s not easy and we aren’t putting big numbers in the boat, but there are some good fish showing themselves. A hopper/dropper in the morning then hopper/ant in the afternoon will do. Prince variations, turds, and small SJWs are all getting fish early and small ants off a mid sized hopper/attractor are good to search in the afternoon.

Blackfoot River Report

Not too many folks want to get up at 4:30 to make the haul down to the Blackfoot, especially when we have options here with meet times at 8am. If you go, go early…Hopper dropper in the troughs with smallish tongue droppers working well. Water temps are fine so you can work some of the shallow stuff with ants and beetles and might find a few nice fish that aren’t getting fished to.

Clark Fork River Report

Decent water temps the last several days but the heat wave in the forecast will likely raise temps back into the 70’s and put the fish down for a nap. Hoppers at dawn…


Guide Chris “McMac” Mcadams found a nice one while making his Flathead guest appearance.

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