Good times with Mcmac.

The fishing seams to be getting better, at least this week was better than the last. A few nice fish are making their way to the net. As Ninch over at Headhunters likes to say, “the fishing is as good as you are”. Like one of my clients says when asked “you having any luck?” he replies “Nope, all skill”. Most of the time that’s true, if you can get the leader to turn over 20ft from the boat, mend your line, and set a hook, then you’ll have some luck skill. Throw a reach cast in the equation and you’d be amazed at what lives in those riffles… The pile-up-tomahawk-karate-chop cast five feet from the oar blade isn’t working so good right now, but occasionally they’ll still eat it.  Wasps, bees, hornets, ants, beetles….all working well off a small grasshopper/attractor, if you can keep them separated and drifting properly anyway.

There are lots of folks freaking out about the fires in the area. Most of the fires are east of here and our prevailing wind is out of the west, so we don’t have smoke. Yeah! Cold nights are coming soon and kids are heading back to school, you can feel summer creeping out.


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