This is Steve. Steve has never been fly fishing before. Steve caught a nice trout on a dry fly. Steve is happy. You could be Steve.

The weather has been FANTASTIC! Cool and rainy with all the smoke cleared out. Soooo nice!  The entire region is getting much needed rain and it looks like it’s going to continue for a while. There is a good chance the smoke won’t be an issue the rest of the season. Fingers crossed for the continued weather pattern.

Some fall bugs are starting to pop under the clouds and the fishing has been good(depending on where you are). The Clark Fork has been great, duh… The Flathead? not so much but it’s 2 hours closer. It should start to get good once the sun comes back out and and the bugs fill in. Mohoganies, hecubas, and fall caddis will continue to fill in over the next few weeks so we might be able to put our chubby/rubby rigs away and role the single dry with more success. Yeah right… Hoppers will still be a player just about everywhere on warmer days and the October caddis is going to be a strong contender here in a minute.


Starting to see a few hecubas. The fish have noticed them too…


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