cutfhFlathead River Fly Fishing Report

A sizable spike in flows several days ago has the river up a bunch. It’s dropping fast and still fishing well. Don’t count on the spots you were fishing 2 weeks ago to still have fish..the river is a fair bit bigger now and you will likely have to adjust.  Late afternoon is your best bet for dry fly fishing. Look for mohoganies, October caddis, and hecuba patterns to produce. A deep dropper in the am will keep you into fish while you wait for mayflies to show up in the afternoon. An October caddis foamie or mid sized orange-ish body tan winged foam pattern with a deep dropper off the back is a good bet until you see bugs. With the recent rain event and uptick in flows, the blasphemous SJW is a no brainer. Orange pats rubber legs, large tung cdc softy p-tails, and large orange tung pooopas are all good for dangling.

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Report

A mere trickle but fishing pretty well. Flows should continue to slightly increase as head gates close and irrigation slows. Moisture is a bonus too. It’s a bit of an ass-dragger making it difficult to row and watch the fly without getting marooned on a boulder mid river. The dry fly fishing is pretty good late morning and into the afternoon, especially under the clouds. Still some trico plumes late morning with mohaganies, october caddis, and BWOs in the mix in the afternoons. A streamer on a dark day is always worth a try…


A chunky Blackfoot Westlope that smashed a hecuba cripple.

Clark Fork River Fly Fishing Report

The Clark Fork continues to fish well. Mohoganies finally showed in good numbers and the afternoon has fish up in all types of water. The dropper will whale on them as long as you want to throw it. Once you pad the stats, clip the dropper and role an October caddis with a p-tail cripple off the back and you’ll stay plenty busy. Clouds are always welcomed for dry fly fishing…

Dry Flies of the Week

Large orange caddis, Moostail chute, p-tail cripple in all sizes, hecuba cripple, chubbies, purple Rocky MTN Mint, last chance BWO

Nymphs of the Week

Tung SJWs, Orange Pats Rubber Legs, Brown Tungstones, tung p-tail softies, tung 20 incher, Orange soft hackle tung pooopas




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