Fall fishing is here. Clouds and rain have been with us on and off for several days. The rivers are getting some much needed water. Fishing has been pretty good. We are still transitioning from summer terrestrial fishing to fall mayflies but haven’t quite seen big numbers of BWOs, hecubas, or mahoganies yet. After this weather settles we should see some bugs. Meanwhile the fish will still eat hoppers, little ants, and mayfly patterns. In the coming weeks we will see more mayfly activity and some October caddis as well. The Fall caddis  are a great replacement for the hopper when searching with the big bug. They are also a great lead fly for a double dry or dropper rig. We have a few variations in the shop. As for fly patterns, small mayfly cripples, little haze chutes and little sparkle ants off a large parachute mayfly/hopper are getting attention. #14-10 hoppers, #10 october caddis, #16/18 cdc mayfly cripples, #16/18 sparkle ants, #18-12 parachute mayflies are what you should have if you are heading out dry fly fishing in the near future. As for droppers, the usual suspects are still working – SJWs, Pats Rubber Legs, pheasant tails, prince nymphs etc. It’s also a nice time of year to try a streamer. Especially after all this recent rain rain has likely stirred up a few stale critters.

The crowds have thinned out with the start of archery and football so the fishing and floating should be enjoyable. Might be time to throw the waders/Muck boots and hoody in the truck. Don’t forget your rain pants or waders either. Happy fall!

Jason Lanier
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