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Guide Ben Moore and happy angler with a great Blackfoot River fish.

General Outlook – Well, it went from June to August in about five days. It appears that we will have some normal temps starting tomorrow. It’s been really hot and the August dawn patrol program is in affect for many rivers already. Water temps are already reaching 70+ on the Lower C-Fork and Blackfoot. Hopefully things will cool off….The Flathead system however is still high, green, and cold. We’re looking good for the coming summer months with plenty of cold water and rising fish. We’re still meeting at the crack of 10 for the afternoon bite on the Flathead.

Blackfoot River Report: Early bird is the word. Go early, stay in front, and cool out in the AC in the late afternoon. Mid sized attractors and a mid sized tunghead sparkly whatevers will work. Look out for rec traffic and be nice.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Golden stones, salmon flies, yellow sallies, caddis, pmds/ Mayfly cripples big and small, P-chute Haze, Para caddis, J-slams, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, foam whatevers, Streamers in the early am, stonefly nymphs, SJW, tunghead attractor nymphs in the 12-16 range, psycho princes, halo princes, c-johns

Lower Clark Fork River Report: A few days ago it fished great right through the middle of the africa heat in the afternoon. Yesterday, not so much. Hopefully it will cool off a bit and the afternoons will be worth the sweat. Early is the word for now.
Bugs / Fly Patterns:  Caddis, PMDs, goldens, sallies / Para caddis, Mayfly cripples big and small, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, J-Slams, foam whatevers, Urchin buggers, Pats Rubbers, Double Beads, SJW, Tung 20 inchers, p-tails,  princes / attractor nymphs,

Flathead River Report: Still a bit high and pushy  in spots but the fish are there if you look in the right water. Side channels, riffles, and softer banks hold fish. It continues to drop and will get easier and more consistent on the dry everyday. Foam and a deeeeep dropper works well for searching. If you find them rising, a purple haze will work. But so will the foam fly…
Bugs / Fly Patterns:  Caddis, PMDs, greendrakes, golden stones, yellow sallies / Mayfly cripples, parachute mayflies, para caddis, elk hares, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, J-Slams, foam whatevers, Urchin buggers, Pats Rubbers, Double Beads, SJW, Tung 20 inchers, princes / c-johns  / attractor nymphs.

Swan River Report:  Mediocre dry fly fishing but some good fish eating underneath. Streamers and tandem nymph rigs with rubber legs and beadheads are the goods. Deep droppers off foam junk work too and you get to set the hook when one eats the bobber/foamie.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: PMDs, caddis, golden stones, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, J-Slams, rubber legs, prince nymphs, SJWs, rubber legs, 20 inchers, double bead stones, Hare on Fire nymphs, Urchin buggers, articulated streamers in black & olive, Flash Minnows


Our Friend Jim Abney took our shop guy Brad fishing yesterday. Looks like it was pretty good.

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