Uncle Yost with a B-foot Slab.

General Outlook – Warm weather in the forecast again…90’s. Not exactly what we want to see right now. We desperately need some moisture and cool weather so we can spread out down on the Blackfoot and Clark Fork. But with 90’s in the forecast the restrictions won’t be lifted anytime soon and the afternoon fishing down there will be tough.

Flathead River Report: Still fishing pretty good. Smallish (10s &12s) foam stuff and hoppers are getting attention, especially if your first boat through. Smaller (#14-#18) attractors and terrestrial patterns are also working well if your chubbie is getting snubbed. Afternoons have been best for risers and some flying ants were out the other day with plenty of fish up.
Bugs / Fly Patterns:  terrestrails / Ants, beetles, Mayfly cripples, parachute mayflies, para caddis, elk hares, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, J-Slams, foam whatevers, Urchin buggers, Pats Rubbers, Double Beads, SJW, Tung 20 inchers, princes / c-johns  / attractor nymphs.

Swan River Report:  Hit and miss. Some days you can find some nice fish to eat the dry and other days not. Stick with the dry and you might be rewarded…or punished. Small foam chernoble variations are working well when the fish are in the mood. Otherwise hang a turd or a worm and you can catch a few…sometimes.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Terrestrails/Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, stimis, J-Slams, rubber legs, prince nymphs, SJWs, rubber legs, small double bead stones

Blackfoot River Report: Pretty good the last few days with the brunt of the action coming before 1pm. The morning has been good enough to make up for the afternoon slow down. Some solid fish in the net with hopper dropper rigs. More on the dropper but some good eats on the dry here and there to remind you it’s not just a bobber. 90’s in the forecast will most likely slow the afternoon even more. Can we get some rain and cool weather please.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Terrestrails / Hoppers, J-slams, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, foam whatevers, Streamers in the early am, stonefly nymphs, SJW, tunghead attractor nymphs in the 12-16 range, psycho princes, halo princes, c-johns

Lower Clark Fork River Report: Hoppers in the Am. Nap time in the PM. Temps reaching almost 100 this week will hurt. Hopefully we’ll see a solid cool down soon.
Bugs / Fly Patterns:  Terrestrails / hoppers, Willies, fuzzies, chubbies, rogues, J-Slams, foam whatevers, Pats Rubbers, Double Beads, SJW, , p-tails,  princes & attractor nymphs,

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