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Natalie did well her first time fly fishing…

The summer heat has arrived and looks like it’s here to stay for a while. Early morning starts have been the key to avoid the afternoon swelter and get in some good fishing. The river temps are still great and some good dry fly opportunity exists for those who want to stay out till dark(10:30pm).  Mid 90’s are on tap for the next week so bring your sunblock, wide brimmed hat, and swim suite for and afternoon dip.

Blackfoot & Clark Fork Report

We have been sending most of our full day trips on dawn patroll down to the Blackfoot and Clark Fork(for those willing to make the drive at first light). The dry fly fishing has been much better down there than our local valley rivers (Swan & Flathead). Double dry and dry dropper rigs are the norm and the fishing remains pretty good( more emphasis on the dropper in the afternoon).  Some nymphing might be necessary to help keep you busy once the sun starts beating down in the afternoon. Pat’s Rubber legs and a chubby (chubby rubby) have been working well. Prince nymph variations in larger sizes are also picking up fish if the turd isn’t doing it. Try tung bead versions for extra depth on a deeeep dropper.

Flathead River Report

“Any day now” is the common phrase for the Flathead this past week. When will that day be? The Flathead is still high and carrying a little color. Fishing has been tough but should come around any minute. Flows continue to drop, the temp is perfect, and the bugs are there…we just need the fish to start cooperating and the flows to drop a little more. It should be great dry fly fishing soon…

Swan River Report

Still a nymphing and streamer deal on the upper river. Flows are well above average and it is still carrying some color on the lower end(PP – Lake). the upper stretch (Salmon to Fatty) has been getting pounded with boats as it is the most navigable stretch free of boat drags. The dry fly fishing is poopy but if you want to do some bobber fishing with streamers and nymphs for a few nice ones then it’s a good option. Bring some buggers, worms, and stonefly nymphs. Don’t forget some bug repellant…the mosquitos will carry you away right now.

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