Run off season is here. We should see a few windows of opportunity on our freestones as flows rollercoaster for the next month or so. A few cool days and cold nights will bring it back in a hurry. The Missouri River is fishing well and flows are still not real big. The nymphing on the upper Mo river is productive. Pickly Pear Cr and the Dearborn River are pumping yoohoo so the lower river is carrying some color. Too bad because the dry fly fishing was pretty good down there the last couple weeks. Holter is starting to tick up as well. It will likely continue to do so for the near future. It won’t help the dry fly fishing but there should still be some fish looking up as long as it stays under 8k-ish. The bobber fishing will remain good all spring during run-off. The rainbows should be coming off their redds and back out of the tribs ready to hit the feed bag hard as water temps rise. Worms, pill poppers, fire beads, tailwater sow bugs, green machines, and BWO nymph variations will do. If the tribs mellow a bit, a foamie and a dropper is a worthy venture on the lower river.

The still water fishing locally has been providing an outlet for valley folks looking to get out. Our pond master Avery has been out tweaking his leeches and dialing in depths at a few local lakes. He has been doing well. The slip bobber rig is the way to go if you haven’t tried it.  Avery tied some of his secret leeches for the shop so come grab some before they gone. Balanced leaches, chironomids, and #14 soft hackle p-tail variation have been working well.

Pike and bass fishing is also heating up. We have a bunch of chuck & duck minnows, flash tails, bubble heads, poppers, and sliders for your green friends. The jaw breaker wiggler tail is a great bass fly if you haven’t tried it.

We have been in the shop most days. Call first.

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