Another nice day on the water.

Lots of river options right now. Blackfoot, Clark Fork, and Upper Swan have been at fishable levels with decent visibility.  According to NOAA the Blackfoot and Clark Fork will continue to drop. If so, the fishing should really improve over the next week with the warmer temps, especially with the dry fly. For now, swimming streamer/nymph combos, tandem nymphs rigs, large foamies with DEEP droppers(mostly dropper) will catch fish. Early summer high water patterns – large turds in all colors, double bead stones, large prince nymph variations, SJWs, buggers/streamers, and large foam creations should be on hand.

The Flathead system is still high and not a great option. It looks like we will see another push of water here in the valley on both the Swan and Flathead drainages with this next warming trend. Without any major rain events that should be the end of it. We’ll see…

The bay and lower Swan have been fishing pretty good. The lakers are in the bay and some nice rainbows are around. Some risers in the evening in the bay….sometimes.  Brown drakes will show soon on the lower Swan and there will be some dry fly opportunities in the evenings. It’s a crazy hatch…if you haven’t seen it, the sheer number of bugs is impressive alone.

The Missouri? We just had a boat over there the last couple days and the fishing was outstanding. We’d give you a report but why bother when the Headhunters does such a great job.

Here are some more of those not so accurate NOAA prediction graphs.




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