Cool looking bow from the B-foot.

 General Outlook.  Good weather and Good dry fly fishing to be had out there. All of our rivers are fishing well. All tactics are catching fish but the dry fly purist can have productive fishing for most of the day.

Blackfoot River: The Blackfoot is fishing great. Put on a foamie and a deep dropper and cruise. Enough top water action to fish without the dropper but the dropper still keeps things a bit busier.  A mid sized stone nymph, sallie, or sjw as a dropper will pick up fish. When the dry fly eats out weigh the dropper eats clip the dropper.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: There are still salmon flies around if you can believe it. some golden stones, sallies, caddis, pmds, even a couple green drakes the other day in the clouds.�
chubbies, goldens, sallies, PMDs, Green Drakes, beadhead attractor nymphs, black foam variations, pats rubber legs (PRL), sjw

Lower Clark Fork River: Like most of our rivers, you can throw a foamie with a deep dropper pretty much all day. A PRL, prince, sjw, or 20 incher under an 8 or 10 foam attractor will do.
 The dry fly purist can put a cripple, paracaddis, or c-dun off the back to increase the odds. Late night is good for finding active risers.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: PMDs, caddis, sallies, and goldens are the main bugs. Fat Franks, chubbies, fuzzy wuzzies, willies ants, rogue goldens, para caddis, purplehaze, PRL, sjw

Flathead River: Consistant dry fly fishing on the Mainstem and Forks. Foam attractors and a deep prince, SJW, PRL dropper will hunt. Blind fishing down the banks still isn’t that great so you still have to focus on “the spots”. Some of the softer banks are starting to produce but the fish are still concentrated on the inside bend riffles, back eddies, and slower runs.�
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Pmds, green drakes, sallies, goldens, and caddis are on the menu. Fat Franks, chubbies, fuzzie wuzzies, g-bugs & worms, prince nymphs, 20 inchers,

Swan River: Fishing good. Dry fly fishing should be a good option soon. Stones and worms under an indicator are producing. Streamer nymphing with a bugger and a worm under an indicator works too. The upper is clear to Fatty.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Big black / olive / white streamers, PRL all colors, large prince nymphs, SJWs in all flavors, tungsten 20 inchers, DB poxy rubberleg stones.

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