General Outlook: LOVE the weather. Cool, cloudy, and showers….no complaints here. The fishing has been pretty steady with consistent dry fly fishing on all our rivers. It looks like a bit more normal weather with afternoon showers and high in the low 80’s for the next several days so the dry fly fishing should be great this week. Still lots of bugs around too.

Blackfoot River Report: Fishing well with a variety of tactics. Dry dropper rigs are the standard go to but streamers will still produce fish. A foam whatever in a size #10 with a SJW, C-John, Prince, small DB Stone, or the like off the back is productive.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: golden stones, caddis, pmds, yellow sallies,  / foam variations, cripples, Rouge Stones, 20 incher stones, double bead stones, rubber legs, prince variations, San Juans, sally nymphs

Lower Clark Fork River Report: Clouds are good….if they materialize. Foam and a dropper is the way to go. Twitch it once and a while,  especially in the slower water. Late night caddis are  a blast and the afternoons should be productive now that we aren’t looking at a high of 98. Risers are here and there so keep a look out. Have a rod ready with a cripple or smaller caddis in case they don’t eat the big bug.  Should be good down there this week with the clouds in the forecast.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Caddis, pmds, green drakes, golden stones, sallies / foam variations, purple cripples, Sparkle duns, Rouge golden Stones, Chuuby cherbs, fuzzy wuzzy, bugmeisters, pmx, fat franks, willies, 20 incher stones, double bead stones, rubber legs, princes, San Juans, holo princes, psycho prince

Flathead River Report: Good dry fly fishing on the mainstem right now. The Flathead doesn’t usually respond as well to the clouds and rain as other rivers but it fished well today. The river needs to drop but seems to be stuck at 19k. Once it comes down a bit it will get easier to read and the fish will spread down the banks. Right now it’s still kinda spot specific. Side channels, slower eddies, gravel shelves, and island seams are holding fish. Some of the banks are still too high to fish.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Golden stones, pmds, green drakes, sallies, caddis / 20 incher stones, double bead stones, rubber legs, princes, San Juans, beadhead whatevers, streamers

Swan River Report:  Still a bit high with some color below Fatty. The upper is your best bet right now. Just heard of another boat that dumped up there with some kids in it. It’s no joke out there. don’t take a canoe or young kids if you don’t know it well. Actually, just don’t take a canoe or kids. New wood can pop up any day so keep that in mind. Below 10-1 or above Fatty is the best for navigating right now. A few nice fish are starting to look for the dry fly. Droppers, streamers, and nymph rigs still produce for the bigger fish.
Bugs / Fly Patterns: Golden stones, caddis, pmds/ double bead stones, rubber legs, princes, beadhead whatevers, urchin buggers, flash fry, skiddish smolt, sparkle minnows, but monkeys, sex dungeons…

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