Winter sun on the snowy hills.

Winter sun on the snowy hills.

Noticed the snow melting off the roof tops this morning and decided it might be a good day to hit the river. It was. The sun was out, the air was warm above freezing, and the fish were cooperating. We fished the Main Flathead River for a few hours and caught a dozen nice fish. No big ones but plenty of 15″ cutties to the net. Surprisingly the streamer rod kept up with the tandem nypmh rig today. Lots of grabs on the streamer. We fished a big nasty streamer as the lead fly and a small bugger off the back. The small bugger got all the fish.

Pink stuff and prince nymphs were the best today and are always a good bet in the winter months on the Flathead. Slow and low is the ticket for success. Water that is barely moving and pretty deep were the only spots we found fish. Typical winter holding water. It looks like today was the day for weather. It’s not looking to be above 40 anytime soon. That doesn’t mean you can’t go catch some fish but 40 is usually the comfort cutoff.

Flathead Winter Bow

Flathead Winter Bow

Pink Jiggy Fly

Pink winter jiggy fly.


Snow 35°



Frozen Mix 37°

Frozen Mix


Snow Showers 35°

Snow Showers


50% Chance Snow Shower 31°

50% Chance Snow Shower


40% Chance Snow Shower 27°

40% Chance Snow Shower

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