Spent the last couple days on the Bitterroot. Good fishing and weather. LOTS of boats too. Sunny warm weekends bring out just about everybody. The boat ramps looked like it was the 4th of July instead of  March 25th. We fished behind 8-10 boats a day and still had plenty of fish come up for the big foam patterns. Sure is fun fishing hopper sized dry flies in the 70 degree sun in March. No monsters to speak of but plenty of good fish. Fished a single skwala dry the entire weekend and had enough eats to smile at the end of the day. The afternoon / evening was definitely the most productive.

The recent push of water and warmer temps have the fish pretty well spread out.  We caught fish in all types of water. Inside slicks, mid river chop, and even some on the heavy outside banks. Not a ton of bugs around but there are some skwalas crawling on the water and a few march browns flying around.

March brown from the Bitterroot today.

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